Internet Marketing Services
Can people find your business online?

Are prospective customers easily finding your website when searching for products and services that you offer? If not, they are probably buying from your competitors. Is your website a marketing expense, or a revenue and profit generator? Internet Marketing is about increasing your business’s profitability by bringing qualified visitors to your website, and turning them into paying customers – using proven online strategies.


SEO - Search Engine Optimization traffic

Search Marketing

Increase the number of qualified prospects reaching your website with improvements that search engines reward! This means new leads for your business. Search marketing services – including analysis of keywords and competition – will bring more qualified visitors to your website. An included service, we make recommendations for improving conversion of visitors into your paying customers.


  • Creating top rankings for your website by elevating its visibility and authority;
  • Expanding off site promotion and links while improving on site content and structure;
  • Understanding your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses;
  • Building local business visibility in Google Places (maps), directories and search results; and
  • Developing top rankings and visibility for national/international businesses using comprehensive SEO.


Mobile Marketing for text messaging, smart phones

Mobile Marketing
Your business can build closer relationships with customers and prospects using mobile marketing – especially if your business projects a prestige or innovative brand to your clientele. Mobile marketing is growing quickly because it strengthens loyalties with people on the move – using services like text message reminders, or a mobile website with directions, information or coupons as people contemplate purchases.

  • Mobile site with the on-the-go information your customers will love
  • Text message systems for helpful reminders and specials
  • Location based marketing for promotions and loyalty programs
  • M-commerce for mobile shopping and catalogs



Social Media Promotion

Social Media

Developing your online presence usually includes considering how and when to use social media. Twitter, Facebook and a company blog can be a center piece, or parts of, launching your social media presence. Projecting your company’s brand with social media can strengthen all other marketing efforts. We can help you assess, build and implement a plan based on your needs, industry and markets.



Email Marketing

Email Marketing

You can deliver email messages tailored to prospects or customers based on their interests, characteristics, and level of familiarity with your products, services or business. Email marketing offers personalized promotions and are still one of the most effective ways of turning prospects into customers, and customers into repeat customers.



People talking

Online Reputation Management

While not a new concept, the Internet and mobile networks produce new challenges for how businesses identify and monitor perceptions of individuals, media, competitors and the public at large. Negative opinions and misunderstandings, whether or not deserved, require an especially swift and appropriate response. At, we offer processes and services for monitoring and responding to reviews, ratings, opinions, comments and publicity. A timely feedback system is the best defense.



SEM: Paid search PPC and Ad Placements

Ad Campaign Management

Online ad campaigns may seem difficult to run, but using best practices will improve your results. It begins with solid keyword research and targeting the best prospects, but it’s also important to understand the searchers’ motivations, and then optimize ad design and landing pages accordingly. This will uncover the most effective click through rates that lead to qualified prospects and buyers. can manage your Pay Per Click (PPC) and ad placement campaigns, even run multiple campaigns on the Internet or mobile networks, each optimized for success.



Internet marketing tracking and reports

Measurable Accountability

To ensure the best results, we build tracking, monitoring and reporting into many of our services. This means we can continually analyze and recommend ways to improve the use of your mobile and Internet marketing expenditures.


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